Imagine reading through the pages of your loved one’s life and learning about the events and experiences that shaped them, discovering more about your family history, and preserving the stories they love to tell.  Imagine giving them the opportunity to impact future generations with their treasured words of wisdom…


More Than a Story is a unique service which captures one’s life story through a series of interview sessions and transforms their spoken words into a written heirloom book organized into chapters and infused with photos and mementos.

Capture your life story today

I wish I learned more about my grandparents while they were here, about their parents, their childhood and their life.”

“My father has so many amazing stories about his life.   I didn’t want to forget the stories he told, and I wanted my children to read about them one day.  He was so honored when we told him we wanted to capture his life story.”

“I wish I knew the stories behind all the photos my grandmother left behind.”

Capture their life story today…

The perfect gift to a parent or grandparent for a milestone birthday or special occasion. Gift certificates available.

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