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More Than a Story

The concept for More Than a Story began years ago when my grandfather suggested that using my skills as a court reporter would be a wonderful way to capture his life story. I had always wanted to learn more about his fascinating life as a journalist and as the editor and travel writer of his own newspaper. Fortunately I was able to get the first half of his life story before he passed, but regrettably I didn’t have the opportunity to finish.

Through the years my passion grew as I realized the value of capturing the life story of those we love. I often thought about my stepfather, who was a great influence in my life, who had also passed away years earlier. I thought about how much it would mean to me to know the stories behind all the pictures I had and to be able to read a book about his life written in his own words echoing the way he once spoke.

From these two important men in my life has come the passion to provide everyone the opportunity to capture the life story of their loved ones, to learn all they can about them while they are here, and to give their loved ones the chance to impact future generations with their treasured words of wisdom.

Elissa DuPlain Masumoto

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