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The perfect gift book to honor and celebrate your loved one. Family members and friends will be interviewed about their loved one to create a book filled with memories, stories, appreciations, photos and mementos. A perfect gift for a special birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

“The Wedding Gift”

The most meaningful gift your son or daughter could ever receive from you on the day of their wedding, birthday or graduation. The proud parents will be interviewed about their child’s life from childhood to present and be given an opportunity to pass on words of wisdom and advice as they begin this new chapter in their life.


A beautiful book that honors marriage and love. This gift can either be given from a spouse as an anniversary gift or from the family to honor the marriage of their parents. The couple is interviewed about their married life together including their dating years, engagement and wedding day. They will be given the opportunity to share what they learned over the years and pass on their advice and words of wisdom. Perfect for a 25th or 50th anniversary gift.

“The Memorial”

A treasured book written in memory of the life of a loved one. Interviews will be taken of family and friends to capture the life history, stories, special memories and appreciations of their loved one.

“The Personal Memoir”

A memoir book is a wonderful way to capture your special stories about a defined period of time or a certain event or experience that shaped your life.  (ex:  “My Years in the Military,”  “Growing up in Ohio” or “My Journey of Faith.”)  This is another heirloom book your loved ones will treasure for generations.

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Special Occasion Books

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