Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve always wanted to write my life history, but it seems so overwhelming. How does More Than A Story make it easy for me?

My goal is to make this an easy and enjoyable process for you. All you need to do is think about what things you will want to talk about, gather up any photos or mementos that you want to add to your book, and then sit down and enjoy telling me your stories! When I finish your book, you will have the opportunity to look it over and make any changes, if you wish, and then select the cover for your book. I will do the rest!

Do I need to prepare for my interview sessions?

I really encourage you to prepare before your interview sessions. It’s important to take the time to reflect on the past and the timeline of when things happened. That way your story will flow smoothly chronologically, and you won’t leave out special stories. Preparing before our sessions will also help you reflect about the lessons you learned at specific times in your life and provide you the opportunity to pass on your wisdom and advice.

How can I prepare?

We will cover this during our initial consultation together, and I will provide you some options. Using my personalized guide is the most comprehensive preparation method, and you can take advantage of as much of it as you choose, or I have other simple methods you can use as well.

Where will the interview take place?

We can conduct your interviews wherever you feel most comfortable. Many people prefer the comfort of their own home, but I also conduct interviews in my home, or we can arrange another meeting location.

How long are the interview sessions?

There is no set interview length. Our interview sessions will be very casual and relaxed, and we can make them as long or short as you need. Your Heirloom package includes up to six hours of interview time, which is what is usually required for the average life story. Most people schedule their interviews for between two and three hours each session.

Can other family members or friends be interviewed for my life story book as well?

Yes! Interviewing other family members about their memories and appreciations is a wonderful addition to your Life Story book. If you don’t use all six hours of interview time included with your Heirloom package, you may use any remaining time for family member interviews; however, if you need additional interview time, either for your story or family member interviews, please see my pricing sheet for the hourly rate for additional interview time.

What if I don’t like the way I said something? Can I change it?

Absolutely. You have complete control over what you want to go into your book. A rough draft copy of your book will be given to you to read over and to make any revisions, additions or deletions you wish until you are completely satisfied with the content in your book. Your Heirloom package includes up to three hours of computer time for these adjustments, which should be plenty of time, but if you need more, please see my pricing sheet for the hourly rate for additional computer time.

Can I add photos or mementos?

Absolutely! Including enhancements adds to the richness and interest of your book. Your Heirloom package includes up to 30 enhancements scanned and arranged into your book. If you want to include more, please see my pricing sheet for the cost  of additional photos.

How long will the entire process take?

This depends on several factors including the number of pages, time between interviews and the amount of editing time required. Most Life Story books can be created in approximately three to six months. Keep in mind that once you have approved your Life Story book content, it generally takes four to six weeks to be printed and bound.

Can I order books for my whole family?

Yes! You can order as many books as you want in whatever style you choose. There will be an additional charge for each book depending on the number of pages and cover option you select.

What will my book look like?

I have several samples available so you can get an idea of what your Life Story book will look like. My cover options include creatively arranged hardbound photo covers or book quality leather with gold or silver detailing. Any option you choose will be a beautiful heirloom book that you will want to proudly display.

My family wants to capture the life story of our elderly grandmother, but we’re not sure how much she’ll be able to do.

One of the things most elderly people still love to do is sit down and share stories of their life. That’s all she needs to do! A family member or spouse can help with the rest by helping me prepare a timeline of the events in her life and by gathering any photos or mementos to add to her book. During our actual interview sessions, a family member or spouse may also be present to help guide her along and remind her of events or stories to talk about.

Why are your prices so reasonable compared to other companies?

One of the reasons other companies charge so much is because it takes a significant amount of time to transcribe hours of interview tapes. Other companies simply record your story, and then they spend many hours transcribing those recordings. That transcription is expensive, and they charge you for it. As a court reporter, I am able to make this a much more efficient process thereby saving you money.

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